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Commercial Lighting

Finally ready to upgrade your business? Smart Energy in Raleigh, NC will take your business's Commercial Lighting to the next level.

If you have not updated your Commercial Lighting in the past 20 years, it’s time.  Your monthly energy bill can show that your business is not running efficiently.  With energy efficient lighting upgrades, enjoy saving thousands per year that will be better utilized for your company expenses.
Smart Energy is your expert in LED Retrofitting in Raleigh, NC. Smart Energy comes to your business and offers an audit of the current lighting as well as a price for LED Retrofitting.  What this means, is we take out any outdated lighting and replace it with energy efficient LED lighting.

A few of the benefits of switching to LED lighting are:

  • 90% less power consumption than other lighting options
  • Saves money on your bills
  • Increased bulb lifespan (50,000 hours vs 1,500 hours!)

save money

Why is LED a better option?

Due to the lower wattage of an incandescent or CFL, LED lighting has a longer life and uses less power.  This means a DOUBLE SAVING for your business.   In addition to these great benefits, there have been studies done that fluorescent lighting causes a decrease in your energy and lets off harmful UV rays.  Want your employees to be healthy and feel energetic while they're working?  We thought so.

LED Retrofitting in Raleigh is worth the investment for companies looking to increase their energy efficiency which helps with federal kickbacks, as well.  If you are interested in retrofitting your office(s), Smart Energy in Raleigh, NC is your best choice for the a job done right.

Now that you have a better understanding of why your Commercial Lighting needs to be updated, reach out to Smart Energy in Raleigh, NC to find the best price on LED Retrofitting.  Check out what our past customers have to say.

If you still have questions, one of our professionals is ready to help.  Feel free to contact us at or call us at 919-524-6201 today for a consultation.